Laser Welding Tips
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Laser Welders are more than an Expensive Retipping Tool!

Lasers are fast becoming an essential piece of equipment in the Jewelry Shop.  Jewelers are using Laser Welders to repair jewelry & eyeglasses, fabricate and make jewelry, set gemstones, and much more.  However, many jewelers struggle to learn how to use this new tool in their shop efficiently.  We can help!  This website is designed to help jewelers learn how to use a Laser Welder to make and repair jewelry.

Everyone talks about how Lasers can retip prongs on colored gemstones and fractured filled diamonds.  And you can do that, but Laser Welders are so much more than that.  Virtually every repair that comes into your jewelry shop can be done quickly and efficiently with a Laser Welder.  Plus you can use your Laser to set fragile gemstones removing much of the dangers of breaking or chipping them during setting.  Jewelry assembly and fabrication becomes easier with a Laser and the possibilities of jewelry creation are endless with many designs becoming easy to create that were impossible to make using a traditional jeweler’s torch.

Repairing Jewelry Easier and
More Profitable

Here you can learn how to use the new technology of Laser Welding to make creating and Repairing Jewelry Easier and More Profitable.  Whether you are a jeweler just starting out with a Laser or are an experienced user, we have articles, videos, tips, and tricks that will help you improve the quality of your work and increase productivity in the shop using a Laser Welder.