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One-On-One Laser Welding Training with Steve Satow

Learn how you can improve the quality of your work and increase productivity in the shop using a Laser Welder.  Receive personalized training on using a Laser Welder to repair jewelry and eyeglasses, fabricate custom designed jewelry and set gemstones in your jewelry creations.  Whether you are just starting out using a Laser Welder or are an experienced user desiring to learn more, Steve Satow will customize his training to meet your specific needs.

Tired of taking training lessons in a classroom setting with instructors whose experience is limited to class projects?  

Steve Satow’s One-On-One training takes place in his shop where a Laser Welder is used daily repairing and creating customers jewelry.  Steve is a working Master Jeweler who still makes his living from working at the bench.  He is one of the Jewelry Industry’s Laser Welding Pioneers and a Premier Laser Welding Trainer.

Learn from one of the foremost Jewelry Laser Welding Experts only what you want and need to know.  Don’t waste time sitting in a class learning someone else’s training agenda.  Steve will consult with you by phone prior to your training visit to ascertain your experience level and discuss with you your training needs.  He will then plan a personalized training program just for you to maximize your time with him.

Your Training Could Include:

  1. How To Use A Laser Welder To Fabricate And Assemble Jewelry.  
  2. How To Use The Laser Welder To Simplify Setting Jobs. 
  3. How To Effectively Set Fragile And Hard To Set Stones.
  4. Unique Techniques To Trouble Free Jewelry Repair. 
  5. New Methods To Set Stones That Are Impossible To Accomplish With Traditional Setting Methods. 
  6. Welding Silver, Gold, Platinum And The New Palladium Alloys.
  7. How To Use The Laser Welder In Conjunction With Other Setting Techniques To Finish Prongs And Perform Other Steps In Setting.
  8. Innovative Mixed Metal Applications Such As Using Palladium To Repair White Gold.
  9. How To Repair Eyeglasses – Including Titanium.
  10. Plus Much More!!!

1-Day and 2-Day training periods are available.  All training takes place only on days Satow Goldsmiths is closed so that the daily activities of operation do not interfere with the training.

Lasers are fast becoming an essential piece of equipment in the jewelry shop.  Steve can teach you how you can use the new technology of Laser Welding to make your work at the bench easier and more profitable.

Call Steve Satow today at 702-837-8100 to set-up your One-On One Laser Welding Training.

Laser Welders are more than just an expensive retipping tool!  Let Steve show you what you can accomplish with your Laser.

There are a limited amount of days available for training so don’t wait!  Call today to reserve your dates.

Call 702-837-8100

One-On-One Laser Welding Training Prices:
One-Day   $1,000        Two-Days  $1,700

Prices Include: